See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Spring has officially sprung, even if it doesn't feel like it in some places! Our readers kicked off the season with their love-filled wedding celebrations. Check out some of their photos below:

"Emily and Joe were married Saturday in Raleigh, North Carolina! This image is a reflection in a mirror we stumbled across on our way to the venue after the couple's first look." - Billie Buskirk
Courtesy of Calvin Dark (@TalesDarkSide)
"SO happy to attend the wedding of Lt. Matthew O’Donnell & Jarad McCleve in Washington, DC this weekend!" - Calvin Dark
"C and J were married in a Gatsby-themed wedding this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia! It was an honor being part of their big day!" -Summer McLane
"I think he's pretty happy that she's his new daughter-in-law, no?" - Leeann Marie
"The unbelievably gorgeous wedding of Kelly and Andrew overlooking California's Bay Area." - Carlos Bradley
"We just finished up with this beautiful Maui wedding at @gannonsmaui." - Love and Water Photography
Courtesy of Catherine Shu
"I got married over the weekend to my best friend and soul mate, Dan. We were married at Auckland Zoo in New Zealand on the band rotunda." - Kathryn Lee
"Allie & Tomie were married in Birmingham this week." - Alex Bee
"Sam and Reanna were married in Mount Vernon, Ohio this weekend. The groom drove hours and hours from his base overnight to be at the wedding. On a few hours of sleep, he said 'I do' to his modern-day Cinderella. It was inspiring and beautiful!" - Rebecca Cook
Courtesy of Lindsey Davis
"Me and my bridesmaids." - Lindsey Davis
"Anticipation." - Angela Nelson
Courtesy proctors_girl/Instagram
"Thank you to @bcapphoto, @mrpthevideoguys and @mikelimo9 for capturing these moments." - Melanie
Courtesy of Brittany Church
"Julianne + Tim + a rooftop in Kansas City." - Salt and Pine Photography
"City chic." - Rachael Aletheia Osborn

If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, tweet a photo to @HuffPostWedding or email it to us afterwards so we can feature it on the site!

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