See Who Got Married This Weekend!

One of the best parts of spring weddings? The beautiful flowers, of course! We were happy to see brides incorporating cheerful blooms into their bouquets, flower crowns and centerpieces. Check out some lovely photos from our readers' celebrations below:

"Cynthia and Isaac in Mount Tamalpais." - Caroline Winata
"From the wedding of Crystal and Kyle Hensley. I went to high school with them both and it was a joy and honor to be their photographer!" - Shelby Waltz
"Played in the flowers with our sweet couple yesterday!" - Kelly Ginn
"Sam and Keri Montgomery on the top of Winter Park ski resort in Colorado." - Keri Montgomery
"Alicia and Edoardo Persichetti married in Auckland." - Alicia Persichetti
"Tanisha and Sid during their first look before their wedding ceremony at the Grandover in Greensboro, North Carolina." - Hooman Bahrani
"I think we had fun! Love these moments that Bryan captured!" - Melanie
"We got married in Chicago on Saturday -- our shared birthday and now anniversary!" - Judy and Rob
"Lauretta and Dennis Schwarz at OMBrewery in Charlotte, North Carolina." - Lauretta and Dennis Schwarz
"Congrats to Darrell and Caitlin, married in New Bern, North Carolina." - Bob Mackowski
"It was pouring, but Lisa and Conor were up for some fun." - Ursula McCollam
"Angela and Ben got married on gorgeous Galiano Island in British Columbia on Saturday." - Lara Eichhorn
"The mother of the groom was just outside the frame holding the couple's winter coats while I took the picture. A fraction of a second later, they both had their coats back on and were shivering. They love this image and were happy to have sacrificed a bit of comfort to get this one." - Brian Di Croce
Courtesy of jenneferwilson/Instagram
"Yesterday was full of the magic dreams are made of. Congratulations Valerie and Matthew!" - Jennefer Wilson Hutto
"Yesterday I had the privilege of capturing this amazing couple becoming one at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina." - Sirena J.
"Mark and Maytanee at historic Monthaven in Hendersonville, Tennessee." - Anjeanette Hoer
"Here's Mr. and Mrs. Javier Salinas from San Antonio, Texas." - Lauren Sides

If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, hashtag it #HPrealweddings or email it to us afterwards so we can feature it on the site!

For photos from other real weddings in 2015, check out the slideshow below: