See Who Got Married This Weekend!

The best part about Labor Day weekend weddings? The whole extra day you get to recover from all the fun and craziness! Check out some photos from this week's celebrations below:

Karlo Photography
"Terra and Alex's wedding in Deep Creek Lake, MD. Turn down for what!" - Karlo
Love and be Loved Photography
"Lindsey and Keith were married this past weekend in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Nearing the end of their wedding day, we headed down to Waterton Lakes where this magical scene was taking place. It was only 3 degrees Celsius in August, but this fabulous couple rocked it anyway!" - Tracy Wiebe
Sweet Southern Exposures
"Callie and Jameson making a mad dash to their getaway car!" - Billie Buskirk
Waterhouse Studios
"Just married at the Rigmor House in Chapel Hill, NC!" - Samantha & Cory Scott
"The wedding of Bud Williams and Martin Wiech" - Susan Russell
George Carey-Simos
"Just got back from a marathon of a wedding in a small village called Akamatra on the Greek island of Ikaria." - George Carey-Simos
Kristy Photography
Courtesy of Annah and Travis Miller
Anna Williams
"It was a beautiful ceremony overlooking the Golden Gate bridge. Here's my son with his cousin (the flower girl) Megan." - Anna Williams
Courtesy of Liz and Paul Field
"Our wedding this past weekend in St. Germain, Wisconsin." - Liz and Paul Field
"Best wedding ever!" - @uptownredhead
Amanda Berube Photography
"I photographed this gorgeous bride and groom this past Sunday in Ogunquit, Maine!" - Amanda Berube
Cayton Photography
"Jennifer and Freddy on their wedding day @TheBroadmoor." - Sean Cayton

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Check out more of this week's Real Weddings photos in the slideshow below:

Real Weddings of the Week!

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