"Real World DC" Trailer: WATCH IT

Well, everyone, another season of The Real World is almost upon us. The lucky city that gets to host MTV's latest group of dysfunctional young adults is Washington D.C. MTV has put out the trailer for the new season, and as Gawker notes, it's shaping up to be "a season of irritatingly earnest political debates," along with the expected heavy drinking and resulting sexual relations/regrets, of course.


The Washington Post interviewed the cast members while the paper was given a tour of the always overdone Real World house. The Post has a pretty wonderful description:

The foyer looks like a biopsy of a Brookstone. Two vibrating leather chairs flank a faux fireplace, which contains a faux fire. Look to the left, past the ginormous fish tank (which the crew cleans, not the cast). In a corner alcove is lumpy furniture suited for lounging and/or heavy petting, an arrangement Hugh Hefner might've conceived if his decorators shopped exclusively at Target. The kitchen features a knife block sponsored by Subway.

Commercialism romances hedonism, but there is a stab at stateliness, too. Yes, the line of shiny Roman columns on the main floor calls to mind Caligula more than Camelot, but let's not dwell. Another alcove resembles the Oval Office, with a broad wooden desk cluttered with West-Wingy ephemera, like a toy presidential limousine. Bald eagles are everywhere. Eagle statues prop up a glass coffee table with their white, feathery crowns. Bronze and ceramic eagles swoop out from the wall, mid-attack. It's Norman Bates, with a dash of John Ashcroft.

The house would be livable if not for the industrial fluorescent lights embedded in the ceiling.

Check out the Post piece for more on the cast, as well as a video tour of the House.

There's always one cast member who drives us nearly mad with irritation and disbelief. Based on this early look, which housemate is shaping up to play that role for you? Vote in the poll below. Let us know further thoughts in the comments.