Reality Star Has Hilariously Epic Answer To Whether She's Going To Breastfeed

She addressed the nosy inquiries with a funny video.
09/14/2017 03:42pm ET
Bravo via Getty Images
"Southern Charm" star Cameran Eubanks has no patience for people asking whether she's going to breastfeed her first child. 

Please stop asking “Southern Charm” star Cameran Eubanks whether she is going to breastfeed.

The reality star, who has also appeared on MTV’s “Real World,” announced her pregnancy earlier this year. Since then, she’s been flooded with messages regarding whether she’s going to breastfeed or formula feed her first child.

She decided to address the nosy inquiries with a funny Instagram video on Wednesday.

“First of all, it is none of your dang business how I plan to feed my child, but to answer everyone’s questions so they will shut their yappers, yes, of course I plan on breastfeeding my child,” she said. “But if that doesn’t work I will then pump, and if the pumping doesn’t work then I will happily stick a bottle of formula in my baby’s mouth and she will turn out just fine just like I did.”

And if even that doesn’t work, Eubanks has another (hilarious) plan.

“If the formula doesn’t work then I will go to Chick-fil-A and get a number three value size, put that in a blender and spoon-feed her,” she said. “And I’m fairly certain she’s going to like that because it’s pretty much the only thing she’s been eating for the past nine months anyways.”

Eubanks shared her pregnancy news in April with an Instagram photo that shows her holding a sonogram picture alongside her husband, Jason Wimberly.

She has since offered other funny posts about her pregnancy journey.

“Welcome to the 3rd trimester,” she wrote in an Instagram post in August. “On my way to go do prenatal yoga. SIKE. On my way to eat.”