10 Reality Shows That Make Me Question My Generation's Intelligence

It seems like every time I turn on the television there is a new ridiculous reality show. The far-fetched idea of reality for entertainment makes me really question the intelligence of my generation.

Here are the 10 worst reality shows on television that will make you seriously say #FirstWorldProblems.

1. Toddlers in Tiaras

These exploited children are conformed into this unrealistic standard of "sexy" before they even reach kindergarten. They are caked on with hooker makeup, stuffed bras, butt pads, and high heels by their own parents who are living vicariously through them. One episode even featured a 3-year-old dressed in Julia Roberts' prostitute outfit from Pretty Woman, giving this young girl the impression that dressing in such a manner will not only get you approval from your parents, but also praise and attention. This show makes me want to call Child Protective Services.

2. 16 and Pregnant

MTV justifies this show saying that it shows the consequences of unprotected sex and teen pregnancy. Yes, I'm sure the possibility of getting knocked up then being offered money and fame is really preventing teenagers from unprotected sex. At one point, a pregnant Janelle says she imagines having a baby as "dressing up a doll every day."

3. Teen Mom

A spin off series from 16 and Pregnant, this show again shows absolutely no reality of the hardships real teen mothers go through. While I watch as these teenagers spiral down terrible paths and people get entertainment out of it, all I can think about is the children that are going to need serious therapy because of their out of control mothers and absent fathers.

4. Jersey Shore

Pretty much this show is the guido version of The Real World, just with more stupidity and fist pumping. These Ed Hardy, gelled-up, orange idiots were amusing for maybe the first season-now it's just obnoxious. With made up words like "smoosh," "GTL" and "DTF," they represent a part of society which apparently never evolved.

5. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

What are these girls famous for again? If it's being airbrushed and oblivious, then they've got it down. The dumb things these girls say on that show amazes me. The biggest crisis on the show is that Kim's second marriage only lasted 72 days. Maybe that's what happens when you base a marriage off of the fact his name starts with the same letter as yours. I'm sure that she can dry her tears on the stack of cash she earned from her "fairy tale wedding."

6. Bridalplasty

This is by far the worst concept for a show I've ever seen. These brides come on the show to compete for different plastic surgeries so they can look amazing for their wedding. Even worse, when the brides are voted off the host says, "Well, you'll still have a wedding -- it just won't be perfect." The winner receives all the surgeries she desires, and is not revealed until her wedding day when he lifts her veil. One of these times I'm hoping the groom takes one look at her and says, "never mind."

7. My 600 Pound Life

The title in itself explains enough. These people have so many health issues due to their weight, most of them can't get out of bed. This is a show that would only happen in America. While other people are starving in other countries, TLC makes yet another show exploiting people's messed up problems. My biggest concern is that they found enough 600 pound people to make a television series.

8. My Strange Addiction

Yet another lovely TLC portrayal of society, this documentary television series is about people with unusual compulsive behaviors. Just to name a few, one girl eats cleaning products and goes tanning three times a day, another girl drinks nail polish, one guy is dating his car and enjoys making out with it, and one woman spent $250,000 on over 20 breast enhancement surgeries to make her breasts 38KKK. These people don't need a camera crew, they need a psychologist.

9. Bad Girls Club

If there is anything close to a depiction of the opposite of class, then this show is definitely it. These girls are trashy, vicious and conniving. They will beat the crap out of each other over a missing hoop earring. Put them all in a house and watch as they pull out each other's extensions.

10. Mob Wives

The show follows the wives of imprisoned mafia husbands who are usually incarcerated for murder or drug cartels. These women are straight out of Goodfellas, brainwashed by a criminal lifestyle. They live off of blood money and sit around and drink cocktails and discuss about how "all the good men are in jail."