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Realize Your Purpose by Taking a Few GASPS

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I talk about aligning your dreams with your purpose, but what if you don't know your purpose? How do you go about finding it? Well finding your purpose doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, you can find it just by taking a few quick GASPS:


In order to discover your purpose you need to be willing to grow. Growth does not just happen, however. You have to grow intentionally. Be willing to let go of old habits and old ways of thinking in order to embrace new ideas and ways of life. When you grow as a person you discover more about yourself and start to realize what is truly important to you.


DON'T BE AVERAGE! No one average ever made a difference. The harsh truth is that people don't pay for average, they pay for excellence. You must strive for excellence and stop accepting anything less if you are going to find your purpose.


It goes against everything we have been taught, but STOP working on your weaknesses. If you are not good at it or don't excel at it, quit it! There is a reason it is a weakness and your weaknesses are part of what makes you unique.


You cannot find your purpose if you don't know your passion. They call passion the great energizer because it excites and motivates you. So ask yourself, what are you passionate about? Write it down!


I mentioned earlier that a person's weaknesses are part of who they are, and the same is true of their strengths. Think about what you are good at and what your gifts are. Just as there is a reason that some things are weaknesses there is also a reason why other things are strengths. You may not realize it yet, but your strengths play a key role in your purpose.

Your purpose is out there, everyone has one. It is up to you to find it. Dream Coach Tim Kelley defined purpose as, "what I was designed to be." I always say that dreams that come from your purpose are the most profound. So pinpoint your talents, realize your purpose, and pursue your dreams today!