Really?! You Call This Art? An Ongoing Series (PHOTOS)

Almost a century after Marcel Duchamp submitted a porcelain urinal titled "Fountain" to the Society of Independent Artists, we are still seeing readymade sculptures on view. We don't know about you, dear readers, but we find this highly troubling, so we want to start calling out the worst offenders in a new series that takes on contemporary art's excesses.

In the wake of the Frieze Art Fair in New York, we tried to make sense of the overwhelming amount of "found" or repurposed objects that were hung on the wall or placed on a pedestal and suddenly became contemporary art. We understand that the first time around it was interesting, but you have to admit that now the idea is pretty stale. In fact, we're more than a little peeved that an artist can get away with profiting from this insouciance in a recession. As the artist Alex Katz told Jerry Saltz in New York Magazine, "Weak people are corrupted by money. If you're strong, you're after something else."

The unspoken theme in the works included in the slideshow below seemed to be "recycle, reduce, reuse" but as you will see, the results aren't innovative, they're infuriating.

You call this art?