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Voter Registration Application for presidential election 2016
Voter Registration Application for presidential election 2016

Like many of you, I am worried about the state of our country in light of this insufferable political season. I know, politics is such a taboo topic for many, because it can bring out our deepest fears and greatest passions. We must create a safe zone where we are allowed to openly share our personal thoughts and beliefs. If you are on social media, you have seen that it generally is NOT the safest place to discuss this topic. There is too much backlash and hate coming from those that believe differently. It's a shame. Our country was founded on freedom - supported by our First Amendment right to express ideas and opinions without fear of retaliation.

For the most part I have chosen to stay off that topic on social media. On occasion I find it necessary to share a news report I believe shares my personal opinions. So far my posts haven't created any hate. But I have seen a lot of ugliness in response to other's posts. I think we need to talk about it. We need to share our opinions and facts that we've verified, to help educate others. In the same respect, we must allow others to share their own opinions and gathered facts.

Let's face it, we have two very different candidates that are most likely our options. And if we believe everything we hear about these two candidates it is not pretty. It is shocking that of all the intelligent, American-loving men and women in this country, that these are the best we have to chose from. Yikes! I don't know about you, but this doesn't sit easy with me. But if this is it, what do we do?

What we need to do is get educated and pray about the future of our country and for whoever is elected into the highest position in the land, if not the world. Here are some ways to educate yourself:

Research the facts. Everything you read is not true. Be careful where you are getting your "facts".
Make a list of pros and cons of the candidates. This helps look at important topics that are important to you and your family and how they could be affected.
Don't take the easy way out. I've heard so many women say "I'm voting for Hillary - because she's a woman" - without ANY other reason. Really? Again, this is the highest position of power in our country - and you would base an important decision like this simply because of gender? I get it, I am a woman and love seeing women succeed in all areas. However, this is too big a decision to make based solely on gender. Back it up with something you believe in!
Watch the news. If you are Republican don't just watch FOX and if you are Democrat, don't just watch CNN. Open your mind to all sides and compare the truths and what is important to you.
Debate with your friends. Why not invite some friends over that have different views and candidate choice. Set some ground rules for safe discussion and have a healthy adult conversation about different stances and views. Share ideas, thoughts, and facts. (You may want to limit the amount of alcohol available to keep things under control).
Vote. When it comes down to November 8th, hopefully you will have a strong opinion on who you believe will be a better candidate. Trust your decision and get out there and use the right so many fought for you to have - VOTE!