Realtor Poses As Panda In Listings Because Why Not?

She's got us sold!

These real estate photos are causing pandamonium on the internet in the best way.

Realtor Jessica Arnett, who runs Villa Real Estate in Texas, went outside of the box and took kooky photos in a panda suit to help show off a property. 

The photos have taken off across the internet and after seeing them, you'll see why.

The 4-bedroom property is currently listed at $199,900, according to Arnett's real estate website. The "panda" is featured posing in various parts of the home including the bathroom, bedroom, office and kitchen, among other rooms. 

Arnett told The Huffington Post that she was inspired by a British homeowner who did something similar in the past. She said that while there were initially talks of incorporating a unicorn, the seller she was working with decided a panda would be best. 

And while Arnett hasn't done anything like this before, she said it's always important to put creativity into her work. 

"I always think it's important to stand out in Real Estate. It's a very competitive business," she explained. "Now that I own my company, Villa Real Estate, I need to be even more competitive. We are a small brand, and need to compete with the larger franchises."

The realtor said it's unlikely she'll do something like this again, however she'll continue to have fun on the job.

So far, there haven't been any offers on the house, but Arnett said the effort's all for the client. 

"My clients know that they are getting the best marketing," she said. "Even million dollar listings don't get this much attention."

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