26 Reasons The Life Of A Toddler Is The Only One Worth Living

1. Someone pushes you in a stroller everywhere you go so your legs don't get tired.

toddler in stroller

2. If those legs do get tired, up you go!

3. You don't have to chew your food because someone will just cut it into the perfect bite size!

4. If you miss your mouth while eating, no worries. (Someone will just wipe it off later.)

messy eater

5. Speaking of food... pancakes for dinner!

6. You don't have to wipe your own butt. But if you do, you're endlessly praised.

7. Someone is always planning/praying for your next nap.

8. You are the same size as a puppy, so your cuddles are PERFECT.


9. Costumes, any day, all day.

toddler in costume

10. No shoes? No shirt? No problem.

11. If you do want shoes, someone will put them on your feet and tie them for you.

toddler shoes

12. Bath time is about so much more than getting clean.

bath art

13. If you go a day without bathing, though... NBD.

14. You stick your hands in paint, smudge it all over some paper, and all of a sudden everyone acts like you’re Van Gogh.

finger paint

15. People are always taking photos of you doing mundane things like you're a movie star.

16. You can watch your favorite movie over and over again, listen to your JAM 100 times, or have the book of your choice read as many times as you need.

17. There is never a shortage of snacks.

toddler crackers

18. Your only real problem is breaking down Dora's last adventure.

19. Birthday parties = Face paint, arts and crafts AND CAKE.

20. You play with someone in the sandbox once and they’re your girlfriend or boyfriend. No games or mixed signals.

21. Mom and dad won’t give you what you want? Call Grandma! Works. Every. Time.

toddler and grandmother

22. You never have to wait to get your questions answered. Mom's on the toilet? No prob! Ask anyway.

23. If you're sick, people will hold you and cuddle you instead of acting like they're going to catch the plague.

24. You're rewarded with stickers and lollipops for completing the smallest of tasks.

25. If you fall asleep in the car, someone will gently carry you up to your bed.

toddler sleeping in car

26. Footy PJs.

toddler pajamas

And that's why all parents can relate...

kids to bed

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