13 Honest Reasons Men Say They Don’t Want To Get Married

"I do want a family but without the paperwork."

Why do some men choose to stay single rather than get married?

Below, 13 men on the secret-sharing app Whisper share some of the biggest reasons they’re opting out of marriage. (To read reasons women say they don’t want to get married, head here.)

I don't want to get married. It seems like a big headache. The wedding day is all about the bride... how is that even fair?
I was a child of divorce. My parents made me choose sides and for that reason I won't be getting married, even if I'm madly in love with my gf.
I have a lot of insecurities about my height, hair, and weight. I refuse to get married because of them. Yes, I'm a guy
Marriage seems expensive. Not just the wedding but afterwards too. I live a simple life and I don't want to complicate it.
The reason why I don't want to get married is because I don't want a woman to come in and judge the types of things I choose to spend money on. I like to gamble
I'm a guy and I hate wearing jewelry. That's the reason I'll never get married
I refuse to get married. I want to have a life partner, but I want to be open to other experimentation with men too.
Marriage is a huge commitment. I know myself- committing to one woman forever is not something I believe I'd be able to do successfully.
I'm a 38 year old man. No I don't want to get married or have kids. I don't even date a lot, I just love my independence and focusing on making my career great.
I don't want to get married because all my friends that do, never sleep with their wives anymore. That's not worth it to me.
I'm not a religious guy at all, so I don't see the point in getting married. Not trying to be offensive but it's just my belief.
I don't want to get married ever. I can see myself being a dad one day, and I do want a family, but without the paperwork.
I refuse to get married because I'm afraid of ending up with a woman who asks for a divorce. I believe marriage is forever.

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