15 Reasons You Should Never, Ever Visit Denver

But really, don't go.

It seems like everyone is going to Denver this summer. In fact, according to Yahoo’s Summer Search Trends, the Colorado state capital is the number one most searched city in the country.

Well, don’t let the Mile High City fool you. Here are 15 reasons why you definitely don't want to visit Denver any time soon.

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2. Everyone is so freakin' happy all the time.

Colorado was ranked as the fourth happiest state in 2015 by WalletHub. Maybe it’s because the city gets a ton of sunshine (some claim the state gets 300 days of sun a year). Or perhaps because it’s one of the fittest cities in America.

3. And Red Rocks Amphitheatre? Ugh, don't get us started.

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In this open-air concert venue about 15 miles from Denver, there’s nothing but you, the starry sky and majestic rocks. And if live music isn’t your thing, you can catch a movie, go for a hike or hit up a yoga class.

4. The city is super high.

And no, not because marijuana is legal. But Denver is literally high up -- 5,280 feet above sea level to be exact, earning its "Mile High City” nickname. Though you could experience altitude sickness, some say you may feel drunker faster.

5. People like to work hard.

Denver ranked number one in Forbes' 2015 list of the Best Places for Business and Careers. And companies in energy, technology, aerospace and healthcare are flocking here in numbers.

6. And play harder.

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Home to the Rocky Mountains and 58 fourteeners, Colorado is a magnet for adventure seekers. Just a short drive from Denver, you’ll find some of the country’s best skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rafting, kayaking and rock climbing.

7. But they also know how to relax.

Colorado has more than 20 natural hot springs, the perfect way to unwind after a long day of outdoor activities.

8. There are haunted hotels nearby.

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Does this remind you of the creepy twin girls from the movie "The Shining?" The Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel, is located in Estes Park (just about 90 minutes from Denver).

9. The variety of craft beers is just overwhelming.

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Colorado has more than 300 breweries – and more than 70 of them are in the Denver area.

And the breweries are so much more than beer. Take a free tour at Great Divide, play cornhole on the outdoor patio of Vine Street Pub & Brewery and grab a bite at the food trucks parked outside of Denver Beer Co.

If you still haven’t had enough beer, Denver hosts one of the "beeriest" events of the year: The Great American Beer Festival.

10. The pizza crust is TWICE as thick.

Can you handle a Mountain Pie? Beau Jo’s is legendary for its THICK crust that you dip in honey. There's even a "14er Challenge." If you and a friend can eat a 14-pound pizza in an hour, it’s FREE.

11. You'll dine at a former mortuary.

This is not a joke. Linger, once Olinger’s mortuary, is now a restaurant. But its past is not to be forgotten, with menus printed on toe tags, water served in formaldehyde bottles and even a picture from the movie "Harold and Maude."

The owner is known for transforming obscure destinations into popular restaurants, like Root Down (a former garage) and Ophelia’s (a former brothel).

12. People wait in line all night for donuts shaped like voodoo dolls.

The Portland, Oregon-based Voodoo Doughnuts opened its doors in Denver a couple years ago. Known for its chocolate Voodoo Doll, Bacon Maple Bar and cereal and candy-covered doughnuts, the 24/7 shop draws crowds of people no matter what time of day it is. And for those who really love doughnuts, you can even host your wedding here.

13. The Broncos hold the record for the most Super Bowl losses.

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But hey, at least they've made it to the Super Bowl. And no matter how the Broncos are doing, the fans don't stop bleeding orange and blue. There's no better place to experience Broncos pride than at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

14. The art scene is ya know.. pretty awesome.

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Whether it's the Denver Art Museum, Clyfford Still Museum or Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, art lovers will find there's no shortage of exhibits.

And on the first Friday of every month, galleries and studios in art districts throughout the city stay open late for art walks.

15. Locals would prefer you live elsewhere.

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Denver’s population has increased a ton over the past year (Forbes ranked Denver as one the fastest-growing cities in the U.S.). And while it’s great for the economy, it’s caused the rents to skyrocket and traffic to worsen.

The locals may try to convince you of all the reasons you shouldn’t move to Denver. But don’t be deceived. In reality, they’re just trying to protect the Mile High City – the place they call home sweet home.

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