4 Reasons People Are Compelled To Change

Whether as a family or as an individual, change cannot happen unless you are ready for it.

According to Dr. Phil, there are four stages of readiness when it comes to change.

Stage 1: Compelled by authority to change.

Stage 2: Comply to escape criticism. (“It’s when everybody expects you to do it, so you fulfill their expectations.”)

Stage 3: Intellectually aware of the need for change.

Stage 4: Mentally and emotionally self-motivated by change.

“Stage 4 is when you can honest to God say, ‘I am so sick to death of this that I will not put up with this for another second, for another minute of another hour of another day. I don’t care how scary it is, I don’t care what’s on the other side, I will not put up with this for another second. I will change this, I don’t care what it takes.’ That’s when you get change,” Dr. Phil explains.

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil tries to help a family find the change they need.



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