13 Reasons To Be Proud Of Being A Netflix Enthusiast

Just chill and enjoy, y'all.

Netflix, aka God's gift to the world. 

Who doesn't enjoy a Friday night in, cuddling up with a cozy blanket (or companion) while enjoying all that the entertainment world has to offer. Looking for a new show to binge-watch? Plenty of suggestions on Netflix. Eager to watch that movie you never saw in theaters? Netflix probably has it. Just plain bored? Netflix will cure your misery!

So, never feel ashamed of being a Netflix enthusiast -- there's more perks to the title than you think. For example ...

  • You'll never run out of "new favorite shows."
  • You can try all the local takeout joints while binge-watching your recent pick for said "new favorite show."
  • You can tell your parents that you're finally committed to something.
  • You'll never not be up to date on the latest entertainment craze.
  • Your life will never be dull.
  • You'll always have an excuse for when THAT friend wants to get together on a week night.
  • You can finally finish those wine bottles you've had since that Christmas party.
  • You'll never utter the words, "Ugh, there's nothing to watch!"
  • You'll feel accomplished when you watch something really good.
  • You'll become the go-to friend for "what to watch" suggestions.
  • You'll be able to eventually say you've seen every popular TV show/movie/documentary in existence.
  • You get smarter with each new documentary you watch.
  • You have a newfound appreciation for the outdoors after a long binge.

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