11 Reasons To Be Proud You're An Extrovert

Party on.

Loud. Attention-seeking. Talkative.

Extroverts don't always have the best reputation. Often seen as the "domineering" personality type, they may come across more abrasive than their quieter counterparts. But just as introverts feel misunderstood, extroverts can just as equally be subject to incorrect stereotypes.

The truth is, there's more to the outgoing personality than gabbing too much (whoops) and being the center of attention (some extroverts aren't the life of the party at all). Below are just a few reasons to celebrate being an extrovert.

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1. You're an enthusiast.

Chances are you haven't met a party, concert or social event you didn't like. But this isn't just a lack of opinion or preference: Research suggests extroverts are wired for enthusiasm. That's because they are more likely to associate pleasurable feelings with their current environment, according to one analysis of neurological differences between introverts and extroverts.

2. You're friendly.

Extroverts have an outgoing nature, which makes it easy to make friends. You're likely the one talking to everyone at the party or getting to know your new co-worker on her first day. While this type of chatter can be hard for some introverts, who loathe making small talk, it's just your way of trying to make a deep connection.

3. You're highly conscientious.

Is someone handling a project well? Did you like the work they did today? You're going to point it out. As an inherent "people person," extroverts are more likely to notice the little things. More good news? Research shows extroversion and conscientiousness may boost your immune system.

4. You're likely successful at work.

You're not afraid to put in the work or talk to the right people to make your goals happen. In fact, research suggests the majority of leaders self-identify as extroverts. You're in great company.

5. You're rarely bored.

Extroverts draw energy from other people and surroundings. This makes it likely that your weeknights and weekends are stacked with plans or activities that allow you to get that instant experience high. 'Boring' is simply not in your vocabulary.

6. Your behavior makes you happier.

Research published by American Psychological Association found that when people were acting more extroverted, they also self-reported feeling happier. The study also found that exuding outgoing behavior may also increase well-being. This isn't to say that extroverts themselves are happier than introverts, but there may be a link between being more sociable and positive affect.

7. You share your feelings.

Extroverts are known for speaking their minds. This means you divulge your feelings rather than keeping them bottled up (which isn't exactly a healthy habit, anyway). Clear your mind, clear your stress.

8. You're the "friend matchmaker."

Chances are you have a lot of friends in different friend groups -- and nothing makes them happier than bringing them all together. Given that extroverts are energized through socializing, this comes as no surprise. The bigger the friend group, the happier you are.

9. You have a genuine curiosity about the world and other people.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it benefits the extrovert. Nothing is off limits when you're getting to know a new place or a new friend. You have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and will ask the questions to help get you there.

10. You can navigate any tough social situation.

A room full of strangers doesn't intimidate an extrovert. With your open and warm nature, you're likely great at navigating a networking event or party, making an otherwise awkward social setting as comfortable as possible.

11. And anyway, you can't help but be an extrovert.

Research has continually suggested that certain human behaviors are neurologically hardwired -- and extroversion is no exception. Seeing as there's no point in fighting biology, may as well embrace it. Party on, extroverts.

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