More Reasons to Leave New York: Pat Kiernan, Insomnia and the Pencil-In

There are times when preambles are rendered unnecessary, because all you really need to do, is that thing you do. This is one of those times. So here we go.

108. Pat Kiernan may leave NY1.

Who really cares if the co-hosting chair on Live! With Kelly is his dream job? It's not your dream scenario.

You need him. You depend on him. He is your calming, stabilizing force in the morning and throughout the day. He delivers your need-to-know headlines and news, and most importantly of all: your weather, on the ones no less.

Sure, if he won the job, he'd be good at it. He's good at everything. The guy even hosts game shows, for goodness sake. Surely you remember VH1's World Series of Pop Culture, or perhaps you've seen him live in Brooklyn with TrivWorks.

The guy is intelligent and inviting, playful yet exudes gravitas. Even his sarcasm reeks of likeability. And you love him for it. So, of course the rest of the country would. But that means you would lose him.

And as a New Yorker, what you need is always the larger issue. Now isn't the time for understanding and well wishes. He has a job to do. And that job is to make you feel good at the moments it serves you best in the forum you most desire to receive it.

Because if he doesn't, who will?

109. Insomnia.

All the iconic New York City song and dance would lead most to believe it is solely the wonderful abundance of possibilities that keeps you joyfully awake through all hours of the day and night.

But, you know better. You're often so wired, overextended and over-stimulated all you want to do is sleep. However, you're well aware that you can't afford to.

New York City requires every one of us to be in a constant state of catching up, getting even, or getting ahead in one form or another. So, falling asleep means falling behind.

Your body may crave rest. But, your mind isn't willing, or able, to tune everything out and shut everything down. And on the off chance you are able to steal a few hours, you don't sleep well enough to recover from all that has happened and prepare yourself for everything that will.

So, you marvel at the city's uncanny ability to turn something as simple and essential as sleep into a potentially high stakes decision. But that's what New York does, with just about everything.

And that realization alone is more than enough to lose sleep over.

110. The Pencil-In.

You've been in New York long enough to know that all plans are tentative and any reason is good enough to postpone, cancel or reschedule as needed.

So, you double book, even triple book yourself, because you understand and respect how the pencil-in is simply a starting point. The goal is to improve upon it prior to its scheduled time of occurrence with something that serves your personal or professional aspirations more.

If you're able to upgrade your pencil-in, all you have to do is make all parties aware of the change.

Maybe you say, "Something came up." Fully expecting your initial appointment(s) to understand. And surely they will.

Or, you invite them to play a little guessing game, "You'll never guess what came up?" Thus, making them a part of an experience they won't actually be experiencing.

If you're unable to upgrade your pencil-in, the individual(s) lucky enough to be graced by your presence will be treated to conversation detailing what you could have been doing elsewhere at that moment.

Assuming, of course, they haven't canceled on you. Which is an all-too real possibility since everyone in this New York City has things they need or want to be doing more than what they already have scheduled.

Enjoy your night.