Reasons You Should Never Have to Chase True Love

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Anne Cohen Writes

When it comes to getting something that you want in life, it’s important to go after it. You can’t expect that everything good will simply be handed over to you, and put on your lap. It’s true what they say, “nothing good comes easy.” But then again, what’s all this talk about playing hard to get and then there’s the chase.

Men have been pursuing women for longer than my great-grandparents can remember. However, these days some women prefer to chase men. Not that I agree with that, because I don’t. Generally speaking of course. There are times however, when I feel that a woman should step up to the plate and bat. But usually, even though the times have changed and most people are a fan of the modern woman who speaks her mind, I still feel that during the early dating period, a man should pursue a woman.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when a woman should chase a man. If a woman is going to go after a guy that she likes, she needs to do so with confidence, a direct approach, and without losing her femininity in the process. Despite what some people might say, I believe that a woman in her nature is feminine, and has a different role than a man. Just for the record, I not only believe that women should be able to work, but I believe that they can do anything just as good as a man, if not better at times. Having said that, I still believe that a man should chase a woman.

For those woman out there that intend on taking the initiative and going after a guy, many times the reason is simply because the guy is not stepping up to bat and going after her. When a guy doesn’t go after a woman, it’s usually because of one or two things. One, he’s not interested, or two, he hasn’t noticed her. A man being shy is never a good excuse as to why he didn’t go after a girl. As much as I like shy guys to some extent, when a man is not confident and motivated enough to go after what he wants in life, it’s a huge turn off. This is why I say that there’s only one of two reasons that a guy doesn’t go after a girl.

When someone shows signs of lack of effort, motivation, enthusiasm, or interest, it’s pretty simple, I don’t believe that they should get what they want. Not in life, and not in a partner. Getting what you want in life is something that takes hard work, persistence, and determination. For those that don’t realize this, they likely haven’t yet experienced success or anything of true substance in life, or at least, not yet.

Remember, when someone wants you, they’ll go after you, and it’s likely that nothing will stop them. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you really want something or someone in life, and it’s that important for you to attain, don’t sit around and wait or stall, because you just might miss your chance. As we all know (or should know at least), opportunity won’t wait around for us, so go after what you want. Qualities like arrogance, laziness, or even by being too shy, you could end up missing out on what could be the best experience of your life, so go after it!

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