Rebecca Black: 'My Moment,' New Single, Tells Star's Story

Perhaps it's a self-reflexive joke, a commentary on pop culture and its quick churn celebration -- and subsequent abandonment -- of anything that will buzz. But probably not. No, Rebecca Black's just announced new song and video, "My Moment," which will be released July 18th, sounds like a self-serious slapdash biopic of a 13-year old girl who stumbled upon fame and fortune.

And why not?

Black, the singer of the readymade local music studio song and video "Friday," has weathered a hurricane of publicity and mockery since her little production caught fire on YouTube. Her song became the chorus line of the late spring/early summer, and while the fame was nice, she spent much of the time taking on the negative, mob mentality of the internet, from harsh blog posts all the way to death threats.

Now that she appears to be on the other side of the mockery -- starring in a Katy Perry video will do that for you -- Black is set to release her second single, which will celebrate her most recent lifetime achievements. Which, aside for the hit song, include red carpet appearances and hosting an online award show for MTV. Oh, and graduating middle school.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she'll at least have a true songwriting team behind her; Brandon "Blue" Hamilton, who produced for Justin Bieber, and Quinton Tolbert, who did the same for Hilary Duff, are behind this song. She'll also release a five song EP in August.