Rebecca Black & Dave Days Party All Day In 'Saturday' Music Video

Rebecca Black was so exhausted by "Friday" that didn't want to get out of bed at the start of "Saturday." But by the new music video's end, she's attending a rollicking party where one guy is dressed as a hot dog and someone else is impersonating Miley Cyrus. In between those two sentiments, Black careens through the town with friends who are kind enough to do the Wave with her and assist in preparing for that night's big party. Black doesn't want Saturday to end, and, really, who would when you can light sparklers on the beach and smash one another's faces in pie during a house party?

Black has joined forces with fellow YouTube sensation Dave Days, who also appears in the video. The first time we see him, he's telling Black he needs to find his pants before joining in on the revelry. It doesn't take much to assess the teen antics going on in this clip, laden with everything from red Solo Cups to Silly String. Because that's what the life of a teenager is like, right?

Rebecca Black - Friday Videos & Parodies

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