Our Favorite Rebecca Black Tweets (PICTURES)

We're not sure what to think about Rebecca Black. We know what to think about her terrible song, "Friday," of course, but her, we're just not so sure of. We've spent some time on her twitter account and if you go back far enough, well before "Friday" was released, she sure did spend a lot of time tweeting at comedians like Natasha Leggero and Jen Kirkman. Now maybe she's just the hippest 13-year-old ever whose one Achilles heel is her terrible pop music sensibilities. But we wonder if somehow, she's the elaborate creation of a comedian we all know and love. After all, it was MST3K's Mike Nelson who sent the tweet that launched her YouTube stardom. We're not conspiracy theorizing here, we're just pondering.

Nevertheless, we found a couple of gems on her twitter feed that delighted us, whether they're the work of a hoaxster comic or truly the random musings of a new teen pop star.

Update: it would now seem that this twitter account is indeed an imposter and that the actual Rebecca Black twitter account is here. However, both accounts remain unverified by Twitter as of this posting. The mystery continues.

Our Favorite Rebecca Black Tweets