Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Back On YouTube As Director's Cut (VIDEO)

What Happened To Rebecca Black?!

Breathe easy, world. You're not going to have to suffer a "Friday"-free Friday, after all.

And what more could anyone really ask for?

The ironic hit, so big in part due to the cruelty of the internet, was pulled from YouTube as part of a legal squabble between Black's lawyers and Ark Recording Factory, where Black recorded the song. As Rolling Stone originally pointed out, Ark is a vanity recording studio that doesn't really promote its artists, so the dispute is over who has rights to the master recording of the song, as well as publicity rights, which Black's lawyers say Ark has been exploiting through various channels and products.

At one point this week, a fee of $2.99 was added to rent a viewing of the video. Black pointed out that she didn't make that decision, and soon after, the video was pulled.

Now, though, the video is back through Vevo, a company that profits off online video views. Whether it's a permanent solution remains to be seen, but the bonus is not only can you watch Rebecca Black's opus once again, you now get the director's cut.

And if you want more Rebecca Black, you can also check her out in Katy Perry's new video.

UPDATE: Black's video is not an official Vevo channel, according to Mashable:

"It seems as though Rebecca Black does not have an official Vevo channel at this time, according to a rep," the site reported. "This channel was not, in fact, created by Vevo. We’re trying to find out more about the Vevo branding and where the channel came from. Either way, it’s back! Enjoy."

UPDATE #2: The video was pulled from YouTube once again on Friday. The legal battle continues... stay tuned for updates.

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