Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Becomes Internet Sensation (VIDEO)

WATCH: Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Becomes Internet Sensation

Every so often a video comes out of nowhere and captivates the entire internet. This week's monster viral hit is Rebecca Black's new music video "Friday". The appeal of the video isn't as easy to decipher as say Keyboard Cat or Dramatic Chipmunk, there's a few things that stick out as being important ingredients in this recipe for a viral hit. The lyrics of the song bounce between being simple repetitive pop to purely bizarre choices. From the very forced attempt at casual speech with the line, "We so excited" to an entire section that lists the days that occur before and after Friday. As the parodies roll out, one has to wonder if this was just filler or the work of a lyrical genius.

Besides the main lyrics, viewers of the video are treated to a random rap verse that pops up in the last third of the song. The visual component to the verse is the rapper sitting alone in a car by himself rapping as he drives. Outside of the musical element, which sounds like the Kids Bop producers tried to create a star out of one of their children the whole video is a cliche'. There's a convertible with the top down, a raging house party full of 15-year-olds and an impromptu backyard concert.

If aliens watched a highlight video of pop music videos and tried to make their own this would be the result. Of course, there's a healthy dose of auto-tune and half-hearted child acting too. All of these pieces have created a fascinating and funny mutation of pop culture that's just fun to watch and a little catchy in a "Get out of my head!" way. Don't worry Rebecca, it might seem like everyone's making fun of you, but once the dust settles you'll have millions of hits and a devoted tween following. Isn't that what life is all about?


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