Rebecca Gibbs, New Zealand Woman, Launches Wedding Ring Into Space

Not sure what to do with your wedding ring after divorce? One New Zealand woman found a way to send hers far, far away.

Last week, Rebecca Gibbs of Christchurch, New Zealand put her ring inside a homemade rocket and launched it into space. She recorded the launch in a YouTube video that has since been taken down.

"It was uplifting, liberating, and it was really supposed to be a positive step, which it was," she told New Zealand online publication "It was also a lot of fun blasting a rocket into the sky."

Gibbs lived with her now-ex-husband, Stephen Page, in the UK during their four-year marriage, but returned to New Zealand after they split over a year ago. Since her return, she has given away many reminders of her past -- including her wedding dress -- but she wasn't sure what to do with her ring. Her current partner's brother -- a rocket scientist -- gave her the idea to launch it into space.

Gibbs posted the video to her Facebook page on Tuesday with the following status:

"Been working on this for a wee while- thank you to Malcolm H Snowdon and Vaughan Snowdon for helping with the rockets, and i guess thank you to all my friends and family who supported me through my awful marriage and loved me and took care of me when i needed it the most. I really feel with putting this out there that i can finally say goodbye to the awful times in my life and move on to better things xo"

While the YouTube video of the rocket launch has been taken down, a clip of Gibbs and Page exchanging their weddings vows remains online. Watch it below:

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