Rebecca Hall's Jumpsuit Is Anne Hathaway Levels Of Racy (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Rebecca Hall's Jumpsuit Is Anne Hathaway Levels Of Racy

Long before "sideboob" became a widely-used -- and widely-mocked -- term, a young woman named Anne Hathaway stepped onto a red carpet, raised her arms ever so slightly and flashed photographers with the entire side of her chest. You could say it was the one that really started it all.

We were reminded of that landmark "sideboob" moment today when Rebecca Hall walked the "Iron Man 3" red carpet in a low-cut black jumpsuit by Lanvin. She looked gorgeous, with her hair pulled back and a great red lip. But when she turned to the side and stuck her hand on her hip, well, it was Anne Hathaway circa 2005 all over again.

Not that that's a bad thing. Anne certainly recovered fine.

See Rebecca's daring onesie below. Save for the side-flashing, do you like this outfit?


rebecca hall jumpsuit

rebecca hall jumpsuit

Remember this?

Anne Hathaway

The Famous "Sideboob"

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