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Rebecca Minkoff Talks Pregnancy, Guilty Pleasures & Dressing 'Her Girl'

Rebecca Minkoff is one busy lady. As the designer of her eponymous lifestyle brand, Minkoff creates shoes, clothes and the famous bags that all the cool girls (e.g. Rachel Bilson, Agyness Deyn) covet, manages her busy New York office, finds time to Tweet and blog... and all while being very, very pregnant.

"I must be neurotic or crazy because I can't stop working -- and when I do I feel guilty," Minkoff admitted to us. But unlike some famous designers, Minkoff will be taking at least a little time off to care for her new son, who's set to arrive in just seven weeks.

It will be her first time slowing down in five years, the designer says, since creating the Morning After Bag that started it all. "The original girl I was picturing was a somewhat naughty one, hence the name 'Morning After,'" the designer reminisced. "Now I think our girl has evolved -- we call her the downtown romantic."

We'd like to fancy ourselves the "downtown romantic" she's talking about, but Minkoff says her girl is quite specific: someone who hates blingy logos, doesn't pull an outfit straight from the runway and definitely doesn't overly coordinate her look.

"I don't like anything to be matchy-matchy," Minkoff says, "I never want my girl to look like she just matched everything all together." Girls who fit the bill include Emma Stone and Rachel Bilson, says the designer, as well as Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Another thing the Minkoff girl's got to have? Good balance.

"When a girl doesn't know how to walk in high heels, it drives me crazy," says Minkoff, who proudly admits that her own legs have stayed pristine even while the rest of her body surrendered to pregnancy.

Being with child also hasn't prevented her from partaking in her favorite guilty pleasures. Although she has cut back on the Chipotle and Twix that her assistant once divulged as her favorites ("I had to stop because I started gaining weight too fast... I had a pity party for myself," Minkoff told us), she has kept up with one less-than-healthy habit:

"I so love tanning. And I don't care what everyone says about the sun and skin cancer-- if I don't sit in the sun when it's nice out, I get really depressed."

So just laying in the sun -- no tanning beds?

"No, I don't do the tanning beds," says the expectant mom. "I like the real stuff."

Stay tuned for Rebecca Minkoff's Spring 2012 show, hitting the runways at Lincoln Center on September 12!

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