Rebecca Romijn Has The Classiest Response To Ex-Husband John Stamos' Claims

Stamos previously referred to his ex as "the Devil" in press a interview.

Rebecca Romijn didn’t really want to give John Stamos the time of day at the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday.

The “X-Men” actor was asked about her ex-husband and his recently published memoir, “If You Would Have Told Me,” on the red carpet over the weekend.

“I was very surprised by all of that, incredibly shocked actually,” Romijn told ET of being in the news last year because of Stamos. “I was sort of blindsided by it.”

“But you know, I don’t really want to help him sell his books based on those headlines. So that’s all I really want to say about it,” she added with a smile and a laugh.

In the memoir, Stamos accuses Romijn of being unfaithful and treating him poorly. During his press tour for his memoir, the “Full House” star spoke even more candidly about his feelings for his ex-wife at the time, and referred to Romijn as “the Devil” in an interview with People magazine.

“In my mind back then, she was the Devil, and I just hated her,” he told the outlet back in October. “I couldn’t believe how much I hated her, and it ruined my life.”

But after taking part in Alcoholics Anonymous and reexamining his part in his relationship with Romijn, he admitted to People, “You start thinking, it’s like, ‘Oh, she wasn’t the Devil. Maybe I was as much to blame as her.’”

In another press interview with Howard Stern, Stamos said that he felt “emasculated” as his wife’s career took off, and he put less effort into his own work.

“I didn’t work on anything. I didn’t work as hard as I should at anything,” he said at the time.

Stamos and Romijn were married in 1998 after four years of dating, and later separated in 2004. Romijn married actor Jerry O’Connell in 2007, while Stamos tied the knot with Caitlin McHugh in 2018.

O’Connell commented on Stamos’ book back in November, and explained why he also wanted to mostly shy away from speaking about his wife’s ex.

“My wife’s ex-husband recently wrote a biography, and it referred to my wife in a negative manner,” the “Jerry Maguire” actor said on “The Talk” at the time. “And a lot of people have asked me about that in press, and it would be easy for me to say: ‘Screw you, how dare you ask me that?’ But really, it will be bringing attention to a situation that I don’t want to feed into.”

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