Rebecca Taylor, Doo.Ri and Nicole Miller Fall 2012

Rebecca's Girl Gets Edgy & Street Savvy

Gone were the girly colors and prints of last season, a new RT girl had emerged. She was young, fun and confident with loads of attitude. Rebecca's street savvy girls took to the runway and commanded attention, as the audience bobbed their heads to the booming music. She was dressed for every aspect of weekend -- from brunch to date night. She even carried an oversize metallic bag perhaps to stash an extra emergency ensemble for a quick outfit change. There were tons of layering, scrunched sleeves, leather shorts over tights, leather tunics over sheer long sleeved shirts. 3D shearling sweaters and velvet pants were a creative addition. The hues this season were dark: plum, charcoal, navy and black to match the collection's cool new swagger. The prints also got a digitalized upgrade. Aside from the staple separates, there were fun additions, like ombre coats that faded into a grey cheetah print and triple layer fur booties. This season's RT girl has stepped up her game. She doesn't over think her outfits. She's comfortable in her own skin and enviously chic. It was casual NYC style at its finest.

Doo.Ri: Powerfully Sleek and Very Well Draped

For her Fall 2012 collection, designer Doo-Ri Chung reminded us of two things: the importance of powerfully sleek dressing and her why she is the master of draping. As each model took to the catwalk, you felt as though she was a woman in charge, a woman on a mission. A woman not to be messed with. "I wanted to address the really put-together woman" Doo-Ri said backstage. "One who really takes care of herself and who's mindful of what she puts out there." There was so much to love in this collection. The colors were rich chocolate brown, dark teal and gold. The sleeker than sleek silhouettes spoke volumes and this was the best draping we have seen from the designer. What stood out to me the most were the twist top detail on the blouses and dresses. There were tailored leather pants, innovative leather top turtlenecks and dressed up knits. Long leather gloves and architectural style heels were an equally powerful addition. The model's hair was pulled back in a tight bun and accentuated with headbands. For me, it was reminiscent of what pilot Amelia Earhart may have worn out, on her day off. This collection was incredibly flattering and one of my favorites of the season.

Nicole Miller Spreads Free Love

Nicole Miller showcased a refreshingly retro Fall 2012 collection that would make legends Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix proud. It was a far departure from last season's punk/skater looks, but she kept some Nicole Miller classics like vibrant colors and staple black dresses. Miller's collection was chock full of late 60s/early 70s favorites like, fringe details, floppy wide-brim hats, rockstar fur coats and peasant sleeves. No retro stone was left unturned. The highlights for me were the crushed velvet pants and her fun cheetah print hats. The new Nicole Miller girl was ready to rock in her sequined vest and groovy mini dress. I liked this collection a lot more than last season and I give Miller much respect for stepping out of the box and trying something totally new and fresh.