Rebecca Traister And Nora Ephron Talk Women In Politics

With a presidential election year on the horizon, and the last election still vivid in our minds, how women fair in politics is always a ripe topic for discussion. That discussion is especially interesting when the participants are Nora Ephron and Rebecca Traister. Ephron is a writer, novelist, screenwriter, and the Huffington Post Divorce section's editor-at-large. Traister is a former Salon.com senior writer and author of Big Girls Don't Cry, her book on women's role in the 2008 presidential election. Both are fiercely intelligent and hysterical.

Below is a clip of the two of them at New York City's 92nd Street Y a few days ago talking about why women do or don't go into politics. Money quotes abound, but here's a favorite from Ephron:

"You know, it used to be that in order to get elected to almost anything, your husband had to die. And then you got his seat."