Rebel Wilson Made A Miley Cyrus Joke That Got Her In Major Trouble At iHeartRadio Festival

Rebel Wilson stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night and told the host about her recent trip to Las Vegas. She was supposed to introduce Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, but her usually hilarious jokes rubbed someone the wrong way.

"Their management got a copy of my jokes," said Rebel, "and then I was banned." She then explained to a dumbfounded Kimmel: "But the jokes weren't that bad! It was like, 'Miley Cyrus got to the top through her raw talent and hard Twerk.' It wasn't even that bad!"

Jimmy didn't think the jokes were bad either ... But maybe Miley's reps took offense since the singer is in an anti-Twerk place right now.

At the festival, Britney Spears ended up introducing Miley. The two have a duet on Miley's new album, "Bangerz," and they share the same manager.

But don't worry about Rebel, she's got plenty on her plate! Her new comedy, "Super Fun Night" premieres on ABC Oct. 2. Plus, that trip to Vegas was worth it: Rebel got to ride on a private jet for the first time.



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