Rebel Wilson Says A Royal Invited Her To A Party That Was Actually A Drug-Fueled Orgy

The “Pitch Perfect” star says a “Windsor” gave her “a last-minute invite to a tech billionaire’s party” that she innocently thought was just a costume party.

Hey, we get it. Some sex toys do resemble medieval torture devices.

In her new memoir, “Rebel Rising,” Rebel Wilson says that she was invited to what she thought was a medieval costume party by an unnamed member of the British royal family in 2014. But towards the end of the night, she realized it was less innocent than she initially thought, according to People.

“I got thrown a last-minute invite to a tech billionaire’s party ― the guy who invited me, who’s like fifteenth or twentieth in line to the British throne, had said to my male friend, ‘We need more girls,’” the book reads, per the magazine.

The “Pitch Perfect” star described the location as a remote ranch outside of Los Angeles. Due to the theme, she came dressed in a “buxom damsel outfit complete with cone hat.”

“The party was insane. Men were jousting on horses in a field, girls dressed as mermaids were in the pool,” Wilson wrote. “The property was massive, and because it was quite a drive, people had been assigned rooms to sleep there overnight.”

Despite not getting a little tipped off by the sleepover invite, Wilson seemed to be enjoying the party that she described as “a vibe.” She said that around 2 a.m. — and after a firework display — “a guy comes out with a large tray piled with what looks like a ton of candy,” Wilson said.

Rebel Wilson says she went "against the grain" when writing her memoir "Rebel Rising."
Rebel Wilson says she went "against the grain" when writing her memoir "Rebel Rising."
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When Wilson inquired about the confections, she was informed that they were actually “molly.”

“I turned to the screenwriter I’ve been talking with, confused. He says, ‘Oh, it’s for the orgy… the orgies normally start at these things about this time,’” Wilson wrote.

And this is when the “How to Be Single” star had a bit of an epiphany.

“Now the comment by the Windsor about needing more girls started to make a lot more sense,” Wilson wrote. “They weren’t talking about a boy-girl ratio like it was a year-eight disco. They were talking about an ORGY!”

And although there is nothing wrong with attending a sex party, it didn’t seem like Wilson consented to participating in one.

“Needless to say, I hike up my damsel dress and run out of there as fast as I can,” she wrote.

Another reason why Wilson may have felt uneasy once she realized she was at an orgy is due to a few other revelations she shared in her memoir.

She wrote in her new book that she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 35 years old, which could make a sex party a pretty intimidating environment. She also alleged that comedian Sacha Baron Cohen sexually harassed her on the set of their 2016 spy comedy “The Brothers Grimsby,” in which he repeatedly asked her to get naked and asked her to stick her fingers up his butt for a scene — even though neither of those suggestions were in the movie’s script.

Cohen has denied Wilson’s claim, however.

“While we appreciate the importance of speaking out, these demonstrably false claims are directly contradicted by extensive detailed evidence, including contemporaneous documents, film footage, and eyewitness accounts from those present before, during and after the production of The Brothers Grimsby,” Cohen said in a statement in March.

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