Rebellious Woman Breaks Out Of Retirement Home In Hilarious Video

Ferris Bueller eat your heart out.

If you thought Ferris Bueller was good, the senior version is even better. Bueller, you'll want to meet Florence. She's left the building. 

The star of Australian director Mirrah Foulkes' latest short film, Florence Has Left The Building -- which premiered in conjunction with Vice Shorts -- is a resident of a retirement community who's fed up with being cooped up, patronized and being treated like a fragile "old person."

With her foul mouth and requests to the staff to help her "bust out" of the place, Florence finally has had enough when she sees two Elvis impersonators at the center's Christmas party. 

"Why the f*** does everyone think all old people love Elvis?" Florence says. 

In Florence's world -- there's only one solution: She must get away.

So when a fight breaks out between the two impersonators, Florence has her chance. 

"Stop moving and you die," is Florence's advice, which she likens to driving a car. It's all about "forward momentum."

Foulkes told Vice she wanted to tell the story of a person with Alzheimer's which Florence appears to have. 

"I love angry old people. I'm pretty angry myself. I think once you get really old, you can be angry about whatever you want. You've earned that right," Foulkes said. 

We think Florence has earned her right to a beer, too. 

Check out the film to see what Florence wants to do on her day out. 



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