Leslie Kwon And MJ Corey's Film 'Rebound' Looks At Brooklyn's Queer Community

For anyone who has been to girls' night at the Brooklyn gay bar Metropolitan, you know it can be a pretty wild scene.

And that's exactly what filmmaker Leslie Kwon and writer MJ Corey are trying to convey in their new independent film, "Rebound."

On the Indiegogo page for the film, the plot is described as, "On a mission to get kissed by sunrise, a stressed out lesbian and her best friend meet the characters that Brooklyn's most iconic gay bar has to offer."

"Rebound" is based on Corey's short story of the same name, which was published in 2010 in "The Brooklyn Rail."

The film, now in post-production, has turned to Indiegogo to raise funds to finish post, handle festival fees, and other leftover production costs.

Kwon and Corey note, "This is a film about community. The desire for a community is what led our main character M.J. (played by ShaQuanna Williams) to the bar, the community is what we sought to honor in the film, the community is what MADE this film."

To help out with their Indiegogo campaign click here, and check out the trailer for "Rebound" above.