Rebounding: The Effortless Exercise

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Someone once said, “Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man,” That “someone” was Al Carter, who is widely regarded as the father of rebound exercise in America. In fact, he is credited with coining the term rebound exercise.

Carter isn’t the only one who advocates rebounding, though. NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has long recognized the enormous benefits of rebounding,11 beginning its own use of minitrampolines about twenty years ago to help astronauts recover from prolonged periods of weightlessness. NASA found that when astronauts had been in space for several months, they lost the ability to stand on their own due to degeneration of the autonomic nervous system, the portion of the nervous system that regulates such automatic activities as breathing and heartbeat. People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) suffer a similar decline in their autonomic nervous systems. Hence, experts such as Dr. Paul Cheney recommend rebounding to their CFS patients.

Even if you’re not an astronaut, you’ll find that rebounding is a remark- ably effective form of exercise. It affects every cell in your body at once, and is particularly helpful to the immune system. That’s because the up-and- down movement, working with the force of gravity as well as against it, stimulates lymph flow—and it’s the lymphatic system that carries your white blood cells, which fight infection and help to neutralize malignant cells. Carter describes the lymphatic system as “an internal vacuum cleaner.”

When you’re bouncing up and down on your rebounder, your cells are participating in three separate forces: acceleration, as you rise, and deceleration and gravity, as you fall. The demands on your body’s cells to adjust to each force make all your cells stronger. Your cells also experience a kind of squeezing from all the bouncing, which helps force toxins out of the cells. Meanwhile, your entire body is getting a workout, including all the vessels of your lymphatic system.

With just a few minutes a day of bouncing on the rebounder, you’ll begin to see and feel results—from tighter abdominal muscles, to a higher muscle-to-fat ratio, to improved skin elasticity and tone with less visible cellulite. You’ll also benefit from a stronger immune system and renewed bone mass.

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