Rebuilding -- The First Year Back


So, What happened the first year out of a coma?

After you re-learn how to walk, talk, see, remember (memory was a massive problem) and your brain starts to function again, what are the next steps?

I realized that I had been gone from my business for a long time.

Learning how to make decisions differently turned out to be pretty easy because I had no memory of what life was like previously. My teammates said I was a bit bossy and a my-way or the highway kind of boss.

I thought to myself, no silly?

I had to rely on everyone because I did not have the brainpower myself. I learned how to give up control and delegate. What I have found is the biggest inhibitor of growth revolves around control and delegation. If someone can do the job at 80% of what you are doing the job, give it up. If you do not like the specific activity, give it up. Work in your strengths and you will be the happiest!

The people that surround me are amazing. They were the difference between bankruptcy and where we are today. In 2011, my real estate business was sitting at $12.5 million and in 2015 we closed out the year at $55 million. I am telling you that for history purposes, not to brag. 2016 we are in position to exceed the $100 Million dollar mark. That is fun!

1. Spend time upfront on commitment, expectations, and standards of all critical activities.
2. Training and development are an ongoing process.
3. Effective and repetitive communication using the push/pull method will help deliver strategy, implementation and results.
4. Set up deliverables to be pushed to you on a weekly basis with a specific deadline.
5. Accountability with urgency will drive the results desired.

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