Receipt Includes Discount For 'Well Behaved Kids' And The Internet Cheers (PHOTO)

LOOK: Parents Never Expected To Find This On Their Receipt

That's what Reddit user farthoven said about this restaurant check which includes a $4 discount for "well-behaved kids." On the heels of the recent Applebee's receipt-gate (pastor refused to tip, waitress posted evidence, Applebee's fired waitress and everyone yelled on Facebook) and other messages on checks that made us lose faith in humanity, this would seem to be a lovely testament to the kindness of strangers.


However, as any parent who has actually been to a restaurant knows, the surprise here is not necessarily the presence of such a discount, but the evidence that children behaved well while dining out. As NickMom joked in their "Eating Out: With Kids vs. Without Kids" cartoon, there are several challenges parents face when bringing their children to a restaurant.

In this instance, we wonder how much coloring was done before the meal? Were there iPhones at the table? Did they get all-you-can-eat buttered pasta from the first moment of the meal? Was there any food on the floor at the end at all? Plus, and this is something that posters on Reddit brought up, what happens when other families don't get the "'good behavior discount"? Or as one commenter asked, "Is there a four dollar charge for parents of kids who go right ahead and lick the table?"

Of course, if an eatery is looking for ways to keep rowdy kids away, we'd prefer the reward approach over more hostile methods like "no screaming children" signs or an anti-stroller blockade.

What do you think? Was the receipt simply a sweet gesture? A service to non-parents and parents alike? Or a little bit silly? Let us know in the comments!

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