Recent O'Donnell Fundraising Letter

Recent O'Donnell Fundraising Letter
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Am I the only one who received this email yesterday?


Dearest Most Beloved--

I am Mrs. Charity Heavensent Obolele, widow of the Hon. Napoleon Masterpiece Obolele, formerly Assistant to the Chief of Treasury of the Official Exchequer for Disbursement of Funds of the Country of NIGERIA. It is my purest delight and esteemed honor to be blessed as Head Campaign Fund Raising Chairman-in-Chief for the Miss Christine O'Donnell 2010 Senate Victory Now! Campaign.

Miss Christine O'Donnell obtained dialogue with me when I sent to her an email detailing an extraordinary opportunity for her to assist in the transfer of secret monies under the custodianship of my late husband for the benefit of the unfortunates.

Miss Christine O'Donnell replied to me via email, "Charity, what a noble Soul you are, plus in my humble opinion you are an excellent Communicator! You're writing is a dignified song to freedom and you are a good Christian woman and you understand what I am doing here for the goodness of our fabulous nation. You must come and communicate with me in assistance of the effort I am making to communicate with the American people. Because you are totally familiar with soliciting funds it is my fond wish to tap you to be my head reachout person in our godly endeavor."

Thus it is my holy benison to be employed by this excellent Lady and is why I am writing to you in this capacity. It is the burning desire of Miss Christine O'Donnell to send a message to the Government and to all of We People. Surely this is a message replete with Christian values and virtues and includes no socialism, bailouts, self-pleasuring, death panels, or homosexuals in accordance with our Savior's preference.

In order to send this message it is necessary to be in the Senate which is why Miss Christine O'Donnell is vying to bring her wonderful outlook to that body. I know I do not know you but I know you are a good person and will want to assist her in this endeavor by contributing monies to a fund that will be used strictly for her campaign and necessary expenses for living a proper Christian life.

In this manner the persons of Delaware will learn of her opinions and intentions and vote for her at the appropriate juncture.

Once Miss Christine O'Donnell is triumphant, her employment by the Senate will enable her as never before to be of aid to the poor, Humanity, the orphaned, the barren women, the hungry, the lame, the halt, numerous widows, penitent profligates, the sincere ones, and others of need provided they are deserving in the appropriate manner.

Kindly and without hesitation write a cheque or bank draught in favor of "The Christine O'Donnell Senate Campaign And Associated Expenses Fund 2010 Victory Fund Account" and post it to the address appended below. Please be assured that this is a good thing to do, also be informed that in the event that there are monies left over in the Campaign Fund following the election, they will be re-distributed and returned pro-rata to all who have contributed.

To expedite this possibility, kindly include with your contribution the informations concerning your bank, your account number, the relevant PIN for its access, and the Number of your Social Security. This will hasten our ability to wire your share of the returned monies directly to you at our earliest possible convenience.

God bless you and God bless America.

Yours in Christ,

Charity H. Obolele (Mrs.)
General Delivery
P.O. Box 422086

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