Recipes Made With Potato Chips: From Chicken Fingers To Cheesecake

Chicken Fingers To Cheesecake: 11 Ways To Put Chips On Everything

Potato chip lovers know how addictive potato chips can be -- once you start eating one, it's hard to stop before you've reached the bottom of the bag. Not to feed your addiction, but there are more ways to get your potato chip fix than by eating them straight out of the bag. There are actually some really creative ways to use potato chips in your cooking. If you thought it wasn't possible, we're here to prove you wrong.

We've rounded up some pretty amazing recipes using potato chips from food bloggers across the web. Beyond potato chip-crusted chicken or fish, there are recipes for cookies, a cheesecake and even brownies -- all made with potato chips. See all the recipes in the slideshow below.

Chocolate Potato Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Recipes Using Potato Chips