4 Delicious Dishes You Can Make With Veggie Burger Patties

These creative uses go way beyond patties on buns.
A Pizza That Gives New Meaning to "Veggie Slice"
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If you can manage to squeeze in one more topping among the broccoli, peppers, spinach and mushrooms on your vegetable-loaded pizza, let it be bits of veggie burger. Italian-spiced ones lend themselves especially well, since they often feature oregano, basil and other ingredients that play nicely with tomatoes and cheese. Just brown a patty in a frying pan, cut it into a 1/4-inch dice and scatter on your pie towards the end of baking.
Dinner Spuds with a Brilliant Shortcut
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Baked potatoes for supper are a throwback everyone loves—well, everyone but the cook, since the meal can entail preparing fixings ranging from bacon to fried onions to sautéed mushrooms. Using a cooked and chopped veggie burger, instead, is one hack we're absolutely on board with; the burger adds flavor and substance but is ridiculously easy to prep. Along with sour cream and/or shredded cheddar or pepper Jack, you'll have a tasty meal that comes together with truly minimal effort.
A Big Bowl of Deliciousness
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With their (almost) anything-goes feel, meals in bowls are one of the most laid-back dinners you can eat, usually consisting of a grain, such as rice or quinoa; cooked vegetables; protein; and, some sort of sauce, from a tahini- or miso-based dressing to oil and vinegar. No matter how many components you pack in, the bowl helps you get a little bit of everything in each bite. Try cubing a cooked veggie burger and folding it into the mix; it can take the place of your protein, especially if it's a bean-based patty.
Nachos Where Each Chip Is a Winner
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A box of Mexican-spiced or black-bean veggie patties is a surprisingly terrific accompaniment to a bag of tortilla chips. Plus, this version of nachos will satisfy your craving for the dish while still keeping you on a healthy track. Defrost a few patties (about one per person) and cut them into six wedges; place each one on a round tortilla chip on a baking sheet, so each chip gets its own veggie-burger wedge. Scatter shredded cheese on top and broil until the cheese is bubbling. Serve with whatever accompaniments you'd like, from diced chilies to a dash of hot sauce.
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