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15 Mouth-Watering Recipes For Leftover Wine (Photos)

How many times do you find yourself with a half-empty bottle of wine that is no longer fresh enough to drink? Or maybe leftover wine is not a problem in your household, but surely you have at times come across a bottle that just did not please your palate. It seems a shame to simply throw out wine; after all, it can at times be fairly pricey.

But more importantly, that bottle (glass, sip) of wine that you plan to toss would be much better served enhancing your next dinner. Because while wine is delicious in our glass, it is also very tasty when added to our food. Wine helps draw out the subtle flavors of foods, and can transform an ordinary dish into something truly mouth-watering. There are a great many recipes that call on the complex flavors of wine to bring it to the next level, from seafood chowder to lamb burgers.

How do you use your leftover wine? Let us know in the comments below.

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