Reckless Is the Summer Show You Should Be Watching

What is the best summer show running on CBS -- "Under the Dome," "Extant"? Not even close. The best summer show CBS is offering airs on Sunday nights at 10 and it is called "Reckless". The fact of the matter is this show deserves to be seen in the fall schedule, but not many people are calling for that. The reason is not enough people have watched this show and not enough people have clamored for its return. So get out those megaphones and start hollering.

What drew me to the show is the fact it takes place in and is filmed in Charleston, the crown jewel of the South. This is a place that has a personality all its own, and a look that is like none other. The show capitalizes on both of these elements. You can almost feel the heat rising off the streets as the cameras showcase one beautiful sight after another. Then they hone in on the attitudes of the locals and mix it up with a soft southern drawl.

The plot concerns two hotshot attorneys. One is the City Attorney named Roy Rader (Cam Gigandet). He is the divorced father of two, and he has recently joined the law firm belonging to his prominent ex-father in law Dec Fortrum (Gregory Harrison). The other is Jamie Sawyer (Anna Wood), a Chicago transplant who loves shaking things up. These two have chemistry galore between them but they are currently involved with other people. Jamie has a boyfriend (Adam Rodriguez) on the police force while Roy is keeping company with a TV reporter.

The biggest case on the show concerns an ex-policewoman named Lee Anne (Georgina Haig) who is suing the Charleston Police Force for harassment, unjust termination, a hostile work environment, and a million other things. The main source of her displeasure is police detective Terry McCandless (Shawn Hatosy).

Gigandet and Wood are great leads for a show such as this. He has that good ole southern boy thing down to a science, and she has the right hint of spunk and mystery to keep all eyes on her. Plus you have Hatosy playing a smirking bad boy, which is what he does best.

It is also good to see Gregory "where have you been" Harrison in a solid role. He still has the looks and swagger to make him a crucial part of the cast. The show has also given him Linda Purl to play his wife and Susan Walters to play his mistress. We also haven't seen either of them in a while.

The show has just the right blend of drama and humor, sex and suspense, talent and setting. It should do wonders for Charleston when viewers begin booking their vacations. It also should be a plus for the careers of all involved.

So make your plans now to tune in to "Reckless" on CBS, Sunday nights at 10. It might not have Stephen King's eeriness or Halle Berry's Oscar, but it still is the show to watch this summer.