10 (More) Gorgeous Colorized Photos That Put History In A New Light

10 (More) Gorgeous Colorized Photos That Put History In A New Light

For the history buffs of the world, we imagine there are few experiences as fulfilling as poring over volume after volume of black-and-white photographs, hunting for that rare shot of a notable figure or iconic location.

As for the rest of us, we'll be trolling Reddit. Their ongoing thread of colorized photos is one of the best treats ever to hit the internet. Noble net historians transform the world's most iconic monochromatic moments into vivid, colorful works of art, creating a kaleidoscopic alternate history that's impossible to look away from.

Explore the various times and places that helped make the world what it is today in the images below.

1. This classic shot of Monet in front of those dreamy waterlilies

2. This magnificent sunset over George Washington Bridge, 1936

3. These adorable boys buying flowers in Union Square, 1908

4. This beautiful shot of Sharon Tate, a few years before her tragic death

5. This 1938 snapshot of a Baltimore grocery store

6. This classic Marilyn Monroe moment

7. This 1905 portrait of Marie Curie, looking fierce

8. This eerie look at New Orleans' Bourbon Street circa 1903

9. This vibrant vision of an 1881 Samurai

10. This near wardrobe malfunction starring Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield

For more recolorized wonders, see our previous series on American history.

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