Old Flames Reunite After Three Decades Apart, Thanks To Facebook

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After nearly three decades apart, a simple Facebook message brought two old flames back together.

Kay Gibbs and Michael "Marty" Martinovic's love story first began when they met in 1980. Martinovic was in the military and stationed near Gibbs' home in Florida. In an interview with "Today", he described their instant connection as "so electric." They started dating a week after they met, but their romance ended just nine months later when Martinovic was ordered to serve overseas.

They decided to split up and lost touch over the years, eventually going on to marry and divorce other people.

Then, in 2009, Gibbs began connecting with friends and family on Facebook and decided to look up Martinovic. His name popped up without a profile picture, but Gibbs had a feeling it was him and worked up the courage to send him a message. Turns out, she was right. And that message gave way to many more messages and phone calls and soon after, they reconnected in person.

Their love story has a happy ending: Now, the pair are married and living and working together in Florida at Gibbs' consignment shop. For more on their relationship, watch the video above.

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