Record Collection Sells For $3+ Million On eBay

A Pittsburgh man says he can now retire because someone bought his massive record collection on eBay for the asking price: $3 million.

A buyer from Ireland agreed to shell out $3,002,150 for the collection of nearly 3 million vinyl albums, singles and CDs, owner Paul Mawhinney said Thursday.

The winning bidder has already deposited $300,000, and a bank has confirmed that he has enough money to buy the collection, Mawhinney said.

The price tag is one of the highest recorded by eBay Inc., said Karen Bard, a spokeswoman for the online auctioneer. A Gulfstream II jet once sold for $4.9 million, she said.

See the website for the World's Greatest Music Collection, offered on eBay.

All Headline News is also reporting that a pretzel resembling the Virgin Mary has received a bid of over a $1 million.

Meanwhile, the eBay strike -- a boycott organized by sellers outraged at the auction site's recent fee and policy changes, and began on Monday -- may not be going so well.

As Wired reports:

The company doesn't make listings data publicly available, so there isn't a definitive way of knowing whether the sellers boycott -- which began on Monday -- is having any sort of impact on the company's core auction business.