Record Heat In New York As Mercury Rises To 102, Outages Reported

Record Heat In NYC, Outages Reported

Feel like it's never been hotter than this? You're right, in a way. This national heat wave has pushed temperatures up to to 102 in Central Park Friday, beating the previous record set in 1957 at 101.

While the heat is less (contextually) painful than in pre-A/C 1911, many residents suffered power outages early Friday morning, including residents in Queens, Westchester and Brooklyn Heights, the New York Times reports. Con Ed restored power to residents in Queens and Westchester but are still struggling with certain parks of Brooklyn Heights (where, truth be told, this post is being written. So if you're reading this, that means we've made it long enough to be able to press 'publish'.)

Need to beat the heat? We have a list of the city's best frozen treats, or you open a fire hydrant (legally) to get soaked. Or you can be the first try the concept of a nude beach at Coney Island (yikes).

How hot is it, really? We dared our friends over at BuzzFeed to see if an egg could actually cook on the street. They are currently testing this theory, so stayed tuned for updates.

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