Record Swine Flu Cases In CA, Just In Time For Free Vaccinations To End

Some contradictory news on the swine flu front today.

ABC 7 reports that LA County is ending its free vaccination program early next week.

With the number of reported cases down nationwide and vaccine supplies up, health officials say it's time to hand the effort over to doctors and community clinics.

How this handover will improve the situation is not entirely clear.

However, The LA Times reports that California had it's highest yet number of swine flu related hospitalizations last week, with nearly 800 people being admitted. In addition, health officials are bracing for a possible second wave in coming months, particularly around the holidays. According to Dr. Gil Chavez, deputy director of the California Department of Public Health's Center for Infectious Diseases,

Pandemics are very unpredictable. . . . We cannot turn our back and be complacent.

Chavez goes on to urge the public to continue seeking inoculations.

And Finally, from L.A Now::

Millions of protective masks and gloves will be distributed to schools throughout California to prevent the spread of swine and seasonal flu, state and county officials announced today...Purchased with federal grants, the 23 million masks and gloves will be used by ill students as well as the nurses who examine them."

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