Recycling Organization Confused For Adult Phone Service

Companies looking to recycle their cardboard through one organization got quite a surprise when they called a toll-free line printed on many boxes. Recent callers to the Corrugated Packaging Council's recycling information line were greeted with a pleasant "Hey there, sexy guy," and offered a variety of, well, eager conversationalists. Who knew going green could be such a turn-on?

Turns out, the Corrugated Packaging Council's logo contained a 1-800 number that has since been phased out - and was then bought up by a phone sex line. The company is urging anyone who prints the old logo on boxes to scrape it off of their printing plates, but there have been a lot of confused callers in the meantime.

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Blogger Dead Tree Edition thinks this might be a good thing:

Still, with recycled fiber starting to pile up because of low prices, maybe we could use the help of that "adult services organization" to arouse interest in buying waste paper. I can hear one of those breathy operators purring to a paper-company executive, "Hey, big spender, how would you like to go one on one with a couple of truckloads of post-consumer office paper? No flocculation, I promise." Based on what I know of paper executives, that would definitely get their attention.

Likely. So, commence with your corrugated cardboard double entendres in the comments below.