What Adding Red To Your Bedroom Can Do To Your Sex Life

Forget any shades of gray. Here's why red really matters.

"Fifty Shades of Gray" may have put the muted neutral on everyone's passion radar last year, but, according to Dougall Fraser, nothing adds spice to the bedroom like tried-and-true red.

As a proclaimed clairvoyant, Dougall has spent much of his life reading auras and understanding how colors can bring about joy in people's everyday lives. As he explains in the above video, when it comes to passion, red trumps everything else.

"Scientifically, gray's the easiest color for the eye to absorb so it usually relaxes people -- it's not the spiciest color, considering the contents of that book," Fraser says. "But if we're looking for a little zing in the bedroom... red is actually the direction you want to go in."

If it seems like an obvious pick, there's a reason for that, Fraser adds, and that's because of how we respond energetically to red in particular.

"The deeper reds relate to the emotional body. It's emotional harmony," he says. "If we lean toward, like, scarlet, that's fireworks in the bedroom."

Whatever shade of red you choose, even just a little pop of color can make an impact.

"Whether it's a nightie or a throw pillow, red is definitely the direction," Fraser says.

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