Red Bull Editions: Energy Drink Company Launches 3 New Flavors Available At 7-Eleven

Last month, Red Bull announced that it was changing its signature flavor for the first time with three Red Bull Editions. These new products, available in cranberry, lime or blueberry, are now for sale at 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

7-Eleven is the only store currently selling the flavors, which is a natural partnership. "Red Bull is one of 7-Eleven’s top-sellers and we are the largest U.S. retailer of Red Bull," Jesus Delgado-Jenkins, 7-Eleven's executive VP of merchandising, marketing and logistics, explained in a press release.

Red Bull Editions will launch nationally in March.

According to Nielsen data, energy drinks are the second-largest beverage category in convenience stores. Last year, 2.4 billion cans of energy drinks were sold in the U.S. That breaks down to 4,500 cans sold per minute. While energy drinks have recently been the subject of some serious healthy scrutiny, including death investigations, the beverage category continues to grow.



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