Statement Jumpsuits Are The Red Carpet Trend Anyone Could Wear

The Red Carpet Trend You Can Wear All Year Long

The red carpet is usually filled with flowing gowns and body-hugging frocks, but this past season, pants had a serious presence.

Celebrities including Emma Stone and Jada Pinkett Smith were all about the statement jumpsuits. These rompers aren't run-of-the-mill onesies; they have capes, sparkling adornments, sheer paneling and much more than an ordinary black number.

Since jumpsuits are like an outfit one-stop shop, they're great for year-round festivities, including a fancy event, dinner parties or as the celebrities below clearly prove, a red carpet. Jumpsuits are also the perfect canvas to layer upon, but with all of the action involved in a statement piece, they might as well be worn alone.

So, it's time to toss out those long, boring gowns and little black dresses, and get on board with wearing the coolest, most glamorous jumpsuits out there. Whether you're a print fiend, denim lover or an avant-garde type, check out some inspiration below, and prepare yourself for that bathroom break after all of the bubbly.

And if there's one thing we wish everyone would get on board with... it's a denim jumpsuit.

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